Dar al- Iftaa is outraged with the ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Dar al- Iftaa is outraged with the brutal killing of three American Muslims in the US

Dar al- Iftaa is outraged with the brutal killing of three American Muslims in the US

With a broken heart and deep sorrow Egypt’s Dar al-Iftaa offers its heartfelt condolences to the family and friends of the three American Muslims, 23-year-old Deah Shaddy Barakat, his wife Yusor Mohammad, 21, and her sister, Razan Mohammad Abu-Salha, 19, who were brutally killed at their house in Chapel Hill in North Carolina in the US.

This horrifying act of murder reveals the preposterous face of extremism and proves once more that the outrageous acts of terrorism do not have any religious base or faith association. This disheartening act could only come from those whose hearts are filled with hatred. This recent wave of gruesome acts of killing based on racial profiling and religious discrimination marks a dark chapter in human history.

The danger of the spread of these twisted ideologies which justify the killings of innocent people indiscriminately due to their religious beliefs, racial origin or cultural backgrounds is a fatal ailment which plagues our time. “We all need to rise up to our collective responsibility of fighting these extremist ideologies which results in ruthless acts of murders and killings”, said Dr. Ibrahim Negm, the Senior Advisor to the Grand Mufti.

The international media bears a great ethical responsibility in fighting extremism. The false association which some international media tends to make between Islam and brutal acts of terrorism gives room for ill-hearted, individuals with sick mentalities who have warped logic to outpour their rage and anger on innocent Muslims. The fuel of hatred and the storage of animosity should not be incited with erroneous associations between faith and terrorism as there is no religion could justify savagery and barbarity.

The fatal concept of clash of civilization which promotes confrontations, killings and annihilation of people who differ in religion, national identity or racial origin provides fertile soil for the rapid growth of extremist ideologies and fanatical beliefs. Egypt’s Dar al- Iftaa calls out on the international world to stand united in the face of these waves of extremism and to realize that the purpose of people’s diversity in religion, color and language is to know one another and benefit from one another, not to kill each other.

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