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Dar al- Iftaa to US News: Islam is not at war with America but we suffer from double standards in tackling Muslims’ issues

Dar al- Iftaa to US News: Islam is not at war with America but we suffer from double standards in tackling Muslims’ issues

In an interview conducted with US News on the occasion of his participation in the Summit on Countering Terrorism organized by the White House, Dr. Ibrahim Negm, the Senior advisor to the Grand Mufti, said; Islam is not at war with America or any other country; however, we as Muslims suffer from double standards when tackling issues related to Arabs and Muslims, a matter which has negative effects on the relationships between Islam and the West.

He further added that combatting terrorism necessitates a real international support and not just void slogans. He emphasized that this war starts with the ideological battle to refute these deviant ideologies and erroneous beliefs.

Negm elucidated that all the terrorist groups adopt the same poisonous ideology and they must be treated on these basis. He further criticized the policy of favoritism which some countries adopt when dealing with terrorist organizations.

Negm, stressed that most of the terrorists and extremists know nothing about Islam and its principles as they are the outcome of an environment full of problems. They depend on erroneous interpretations as the aim of religious extremism is achieving political gains; a matter which has no religious foundation and extremists endeavor to cause chaos.

Dr. Negm added that we witness a common phenomenon in all religions including Islam which is the non-specialists who lack proper religious education and appoint themselves as religious leaders. They lack the qualifications for discussing Islamic law and ethics, a matter which leads to the emergence of erroneous interpretations of Islam. He further stressed that our role in al- Azhar and Dar al-Iftaa is to refute the claims of these extremists and their poor understanding of Islamic law.

Dr. Negm finally emphasized that al- Azhar with all its institutions endeavor to promote the true enlightenment of Islam and Muslims which was distorted by the terrorists. He further stressed that Dar al-Iftaa exerts tremendous efforts in refuting radicalism with a scholarly methodology in ten languages in order to protect the youth from falling preys to deviant ideologies.

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