Dar al-Iftaa comments on Boko Haram...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Dar al-Iftaa comments on Boko Haram pledging allegiance to QSIS

Dar al-Iftaa comments on Boko Haram pledging allegiance to QSIS

Egypt’s Dar al-Iftaa emphasized that all terrorist organizations with their different names adopt the same poisonous ideology. Terrorist organizations must be confronted on this basis without exception as Dar al- Iftaa further criticized the policy of favoritism adopted by some countries in confronting these organizations.

Dar al- Iftaa added in its statement, the international community must bear its responsibility in finding solutions for the phenomenon of terrorism. The most important among these solutions is adopting actual policies in addition to the role of the international media in marginalizing the extremist discourse.

Dar al-Iftaa pointed out that religious radicalism aims to achieve political gains which have no religious basis as it is motivated by the desire to possess authority. They further adopt deviant interpretations of legal texts to which they attach their selfish desires and not as they claim for defending Islam.

Dar al- Iftaa further stressed its tremendous efforts in debunking extremist ideologies and refuting their false claims in ten different languages in order to protect the youth from falling preys to these deviant ideologies.

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