Dar al- Iftaa condemns the anti-Isl...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Dar al- Iftaa condemns the anti-Islam Ad campaign in New York subway

Dar al- Iftaa condemns the anti-Islam  Ad campaign in New York subway

Dr. Ibrahim Negm, Senior Advisor to the Grand Mufti of Egypt, strongly condemns the anti-Islam Ad campaign announced by Pamela Geller which will start tomorrow in New York subway. He said that such a campaign is considered a deliberate distortion of the image of Islam and Muslims. Dr. Negm, further warned against the spread of waves of hatred against Islam and Muslims due to the actions of terrorist organizations.

In response to the falsehoods raised by the campaign that jihad in Islam is tantamount to terrorism, Dr. Negm said the call of the Holy Qur`an is peaceful and that all the verses on jihad were revealed to deter aggressors and not to attack others.

Dr. Negm said that such distortive campaigns against Islam and Muslims bring nothing but hatred between nations and deepen the gap between people instead of promoting tolerance and peace.

Dar al-Iftaa on the other hand commends the Mayor of New York, de Blasio who showed his staunch opposition to such hate campaign, "These ads are outrageous, inflammatory and wrong, and have no place in New York City, or anywhere. These hateful messages serve only to divide and stigmatize when we should be coming together as one city" he said.

He added, "While those behind these ads only display their irresponsible intolerance, the rest of us who may be forced to view them can take comfort in the knowledge that we share a better, loftier and nobier view of humanity."

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