The ruling on the registry of furni...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

The ruling on the registry of furnishings in the event of khul'a


282 for the year 2008 and which includes the following:

    What is the ruling on the registry of furniture (Qaimat al-Afsh) in the event of khul'a? What are the rights of a woman who is divorced through khul'a?


The opinion implemented in Egypt by law and fatwa is as follows:

    Based on the opinion of some scholars on this issue, when the courts grant a woman divorce through khul'a [divorce in return for reimbursement of her bridal wealth] she is to return the bridal wealth she received.

Registry of furnishings

    The registry of furnishings is a wife's civil right that is similar to a debt which a husband owes his wife. If there is nothing in the registry of furniture to indicate that all or part of it constitutes the bridal wealth, then it is the wife's exclusive right whether or not she is divorced through khul'a; she does not have to give back the articles included in the registry of furnishings after khul'a.

    However, a wife must return to her husband any item mentioned in the registry of furnishings which constitutes the bridal wealth, since in this case it is not considered a debt but compensation in return for a divorce.

Allah Almighty knows best.

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