Establishing endowments for foreign...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Establishing endowments for foreign refugees and giving them from the meat of sacrificial animals, alms and zakat


 We reviewed request no. 37 which includes the following:

    What is the ruling for the following?

  • Donating sacrificial animals to foreign refugees in Egypt.
  • Giving them alms.
  • Establishing endowments and channeling the proceeds for their benefit.
  • Giving them from zakat funds.


    It is permissible to give foreign refugees—Muslims or non-Muslims—monetary alms, the meat of sacrificial animals or even the whole animal, its hide, head or any of its parts—meat or otherwise.

    It is permissible to establish an endowment fund and spend its proceeds on their education, housing, medical treatment and transportation both within and outside the country.

    It is also permissible to give them from zakat money, though only to the Muslims from among them because zakat is given exclusively to Muslims. 
    The fact that the above acts are merely permissible does not mean that a person is to procrastinate when performing this social duty. Rather, those who have the means must contribute to this cause—each according to his capacity, and desire to do good and earn the reward of Allah the Almighty. May Allah the Almighty accept their good deeds!

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