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d request no. 1750 for the year 2003 which includes the following:
[Presently], there is a great uproar over hijama (wet cupping) which has recently spread in the East and the West alike. We are proud that our beloved Prophet recommended this kind of therapy 1400 years ago. Hijama is regarded worldwide not only as a medical fact but as a future form of therapy. Based on this, we would like to know the Islamic perspective on hijama with respect to the following:

First: Its permissibility as a remedy and whether or not it is a form of therapy that has become obsolete even though it is still practiced in Europe and the United States.

Second: Should the practitioner be a laymen or a physician who is capable of diagnosing diseases, prescribing suitable medicine and who is more capable of observing proper sterilization conditions?

Third: Given that the western world is interested in this kind of remedy, it is scientifically recognized, and its benefit is established by the sunna, what is the ruling if the authorities in an Islamic country condemn this kind of sophisticated therapy that is recommended by our Prophet and regulated by modern laws ?


Hijama is one of the remedies approved by Islamic law; it was practiced during the Prophet's lifetime without him repudiating it. Rather, the Prophet himself underwent hijama. Hijama is one of the therapies that was used until recent times.

Dar al-Ifta recommends consulting trustworthy doctors and following their advice on the extent of hijama's suitability to their illnesses and whether or not it will benefit them.

To avoid any complications arising from infection or negligence of necessary sterilization, Dar al-Ifta advices that only specialized doctors perform this procedure.

The ruling
Hijama is a kind of lawful therapy whose practice is established by the authentic sunna. Medical progress does not preclude its lawfulness provided it is performed by knowledgeable, specialized physicians who are licensed by recognized medical bodies.

If the therapist does not observe the lawful means and modern laws regulating this kind of therapy, the concerned authorities are entitled to interfere and monitor hijama practitioners to preserve the safety of the citizens, whether or not this is in an Islamic country.
The above answers the question and Allah the Almighty knows best.


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