There is an Imam in Canada who clai...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

There is an Imam in Canada who claims that Shi’tes are disbelievers. Is this true?


e in Edmonton, Alberta in Canada who tells people in the Sunni mosques that the Shi’tes are disbelievers and he is keen to drive people away from dealing with Shi’tes. Is his behavior right? And are the Shi’tes really disbelievers?


What the Imam says is not true and this kind of generalization in judging a sect is not one of the methodologies of the people of the Sunnah. It is not right to pass judgments on all Shi’tes because of some old writings and books which might insinuate disbelief. The fact is that not all Shi’tes believe in these books as a lot of them either reinterpret or totally reject such writings. There is a big difference between judging a person through his beliefs or through his lived reality and between judging a person through some old books relevant to his sect without knowing his position on them. The original state of matters is thinking well of Muslims and the general legal maxim asserts that if a person embraces Islam with certitude, his faith is not relinquished without certitude. This kind of reckless behavior and general judgments do not fit those who chose to be in the frontline in the advocacy for Islam especially in non Muslim countries.

Muslim Imams should focus on advocating brotherhood and unity among Muslims as this is the right methodology which serves the best interest of Islam. The Imam also should be cautious not build a blockade between God and people through disseminating distorting images of disunity and discord in the Muslim ummah. The true Muslim should follow the school of the people of the Sunnah without casting the shadows of disbelief on other theological schools especially when there are no supporting evidences and no interest in judging them with disbelief.

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