A pilgrim in ihram covering himself...

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A pilgrim in ihram covering himself for warmth


Is it permissible for a pilgrim in ihram to cover themselves for warmth?




Impermissibility of wearing sewn garments

It is not permissible for pilgrim on 'Umra or Hajj to wear any sewn garments that encircle the body such as shirts, trousers, shorts, socks and the like. However, there is no harm in covering a body part with anything that has not been specifically designed for that purpose i.e. wrapping a shirt or blanket around one's body to keep warm, to cover one's nakedness and so forth. The opinion concerning the obligation of making compensation for wearing sewn garments concerns wearing clothes in the manner for which they are intended and not merely for covering one's body with them.

Covering the head

It is impermissible to cover the entire head or part of it, even the area behind the ears, with:

- Anything worn on the head and is sewn, such as a hat;
- anything not sewn such as a turban or an izar [wraparound];
- or anything that is generally considered a covering.

There is no harm in placing a pillow on his head, covering his head with his hands, or using an umbrella even if it touches his head. There is a scholarly debate on the permissibility for a person in ihram to carry something on his head; therefore, it is preferable to avoid having to make compensation according to those scholars who prohibit it.


The Ruling

There is no objection for a person in ihram, whether on Hajj or 'Umra, to covering himself for warmth provided he does not wear sewn clothing or cover his head.

God Almighty knows best



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