Borrowing money to perform hajj and...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Borrowing money to perform hajj and 'umrah


- In 1991 the inquirer borrowed 500 SR from his brother who was living in Saudi Arabia to perform hajj and which he did not repay. His brother has since passed away and is survived by his children. Is the inquirer's hajj valid?

- In 1988, the inquirer borrowed 800 SR from his brother to perform 'umrah which he likewise did not repay. Is his 'umrah valid?


It is established that a hajj or 'umrah is valid if all of its conditions and pillars are met.
The ability to perform hajj or 'umrah
One of the obligatory conditions of hajj and 'umrah is [financial] ability. There are four conditions for their validity, whether for hajj or 'umrah:

1. Being a Muslim;
2. sanity;
3. puberty;
4. to be free.

Hajj and 'umrah are not obligatory for a person who is financially incapable, yet the hajj or 'umrah of a person who borrows money to undertake them is valid.

The ruling
The inquirer's hajj and 'umrah are correct by the grace of God. However, he must pay back the loan to his brother's family except if they waive the debt.

And God Almighty knows best

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