Throwing the seven pebbles of Jamar...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Throwing the seven pebbles of Jamarat al-'Aqaba at one shot


What is the ruling for the following:

The inquirer was commissioned by another to stone Jamarat al-'Aqaba (one of the three stoning sites) on his behalf during Hajj. But because of the crowds, he threw the stones all at once and did not inform the person who commissioned him of this. The commissioner died before the commissioned could inform him.


The opinion of the followed four schools of jurisprudence

It is obligatory to throw the pebbles separately and whoever neglects throwing the most number of pebbles on any of the days of stoning must sacrifice an animal.
The Ruling

The inquirer must sacrifice an animal in any of the sites of the Sacred Precinct whether at Mina, Mecca or Muzdalifa anytime during the year before the next Hajj season.
The inquirer must do this from his own money because he failed to do the stoning for which he was commissioned until its prescribed time ended.

Allah Almighty knows best.

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