I had anxiety and the doctor advise...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

I had anxiety and the doctor advised me to masturbate to relive stress. Is it permissible?


I wanted to ask about masturbation and whether is prohibited or not, I used to think it is prohibited but did it sometimes, I had anxiety & depression and went to a psychiatrist and during my healing process he said that it's perfectly normal and it has been proved healthy and said I needed to do it to let off some of the tension. I am a lot better now and I consider myself healed but I need to know since during Ramadan I didn't do it once.
Kindly advise me with proofs from Quran or Hadith
P.S. the doctor is a Muslim and I do consider him of good knowledge (he graduated from Azhar)


According to the opinion of the majority of scholars, masturbation is prohibited [haram] and it is impermissible to practice it except when there is a necessity through which a Muslim may encounter physical or religious harm. This includes the physician's advice to practice masturbation for a certain time.

Scholarly opinions:
The Hanafis:
Hanafi scholars have stated that it is prohibited [haram] to masturbate via any means other than the hand of one's spouse unless there is an excuse. Some scholars from among the Hanafis maintained that masturbation is undesirable [makruh]. These include The Hanafi scholar, Ibn Nujaim who said in Al-Bahr al-Ra'iq Sharh Kanz al-Daqa'iq (vol.2, p.293), "It is mentioned in the collection of fatawa Al-Walwaljiya that there is no harm [in masturbating] if one only seeks to relieve sexual desire (i.e. excessive sexual desire that distracts a person from religious and worldly matters). Also if one is spouseless or has a spouse, yet it is difficult to reach her/him due to certain circumstances. This opinion is also stated in Al-Siraj Al-Wahaj."

Shafi'i, Maliki and Hanbali scholars have stated that masturbation is prohibited [haram]. However, the Hanbalis stated that it is permissible when there is a necessity.

The previous Grand Mufti of Egypt Sheikh Mohammed Hassanien Makhlouf issued a fatwa that was published in al-Azhar magazine (Vol. 3, Muharram 1391 A.H, p.91). The fatwa included the following:

It is evident that the majority of scholars agreed that masturbation is prohibited and this opinion is supported by the fact that it poses serious harm to nerves and physical and mind health and this calls for its prohibition. There are various means that help one to refrain from practicing masturbation: These include

-The most important is hastening to seek marriage as soon as possible while maintaining simplicity and avoiding excessiveness and complications.
-Moderation in food and drink which contribute to stimulating sexual desire. In this regard, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) recommended fasting as per his words, "O young men, whoever from among you can afford it, let him get married, for verily it is a means to lowering one's gaze and protecting one's chastity. And whoever cannot, let him fast, for it will be a shield for him”..
-Refraining from anything that arouses sexual desire such as listening to immoral songs and watching lewd images which are available in abundance in movies.
-Directing one's aesthetic faculties to permissible channels such as painting flowers and nature scenery which do not arouse sexual lust.
-Choosing righteous pious companions.
-Occupying oneself with worship in general.
- Avoiding submitting oneself to sexual thoughts and instead merging in the community by engaging in activities that distract oneself from thinking about sex.

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