Is zakah payable on gold and silver...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Is zakah payable on gold and silver jewelry that a woman has?


Assalamu alaikum, Dear Esteemed Scholars

Please clarify zakah rules for the following:

Is zakah payable on gold and silver jewelry that a woman has? Is zakah payable on dowry, whether given in gold or cash? With regard to investments, a large sum of money is invested in a company. A monthly dividend is received and used for expenses. The money invested can be withdrawn at any time. On what is zakah paid in such an instance? With regard to another investment, a monthly dividend is received. However, the money invested with the company cannot be withdrawn for five years. How is zakah calculated in this case? Guidance on this matter will be highly appreciated. Wa salam, thanks.


• There is no zakat on women's jewelry.

• Zakat is obligatory on woman's dowry if it meets the following conditions:

- It is paid in cash and lies in woman's possession.
- It has reached nisab (minimum amount upon which zakat is due. Nisab equals 85 grams of 21 carat gold according to market price).
- It surpluses one's basic needs.
- One lunar year passes over its possession.

• Concerning the money invested in the last two mentioned investments, it is mandatory to clarify the details of both forms of transactions. This is because issuing a ruling for something requires clear understanding of the question. The rulings for zakat differ according to the different forms of investment transactions.

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