My sister is having a baby with a n...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

My sister is having a baby with a non Muslim man without marriage. Is cutting ties with her the right thing to do?


I have a sister who has a child from a non Muslim. They are not married because neither of them wants to convert. Her family has spoken to her so many times and yet she doesn’t find anything wrong with her way of life. She says as long as she is still a Muslim then no one can blame her for anything. I have chosen to cut ties from her but the rest of my sisters and brothers choose to support her. Am I doing the right thing? how should such a situation be treated?


This relationship is considered fornication but is not worse than committing disbelief. Nevertheless, the Prophet [pbuh] ordered us to maintain ties of kinship with non Muslim relatives. In a hadith recorded by Bukhari and Muslim, the Prophet [peace be upon him and his family] ordered Asmaa` the daughter of Abu Bakr as-Siddiq to maintain relations with her non-Muslim mother. If this is so, then what about a disobedient Muslim relative? For this reason, the sin your sister is committing is not considered a reason to sever ties with her. Rather, you are to support and advice her, and try to make her feel safe. Otherwise, severing relations with her may be prohibited as it may lead to disbelieve, Allah forbid!

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