I was raised by my step mum because...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

I was raised by my step mum because my mum was sick. Should I love my mother more than my step mum?


Asalamu alaykum, I have a mother who became schizophrenic so she wasn't able to look after us properly and so my dad married another women who is now my stepmother and she has lived with us for 10 years now and we treat her and regard her as a mother and she did a lot to help us. I would like to ask am I sinful if I prefer her over my mother and if I do talk to my mother, my stepmother gets very jealous and says I looked after you and your brothers & she would shout & get upset & she does hate her but I am patient. My mother was a very good women before she became schizophrenic & I lived with her till I was 9 & since I was 9 years I began living with my step mum & I've never visited my mother since as she lives with her parents in another country, she is becoming better & I notice that when I talk to her on Skype or on the phone but that's rarely. Also, if my mother asks for something does she come first before my step mum no matter what and do I have to love her more than my step mum?


Love is an innate involuntary feeling for which no one can be blamed. So, love whoever you like as you wish. At the same time, you should be kind, grateful to your mother and maintain the ties of kinship with her. In all cases, your mother's status and favor is incomparable to any virtue you received from anyone else.

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