Giving out the skin of sacrificial ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Giving out the skin of sacrificial animals in charity


We have reviewed request no. 3319 for the year 2005, which includes the following:

Our association defends the rights of Muslims in East Turkistan – which is still under occupation by Communist China – whether these rights are related to Turkistanis at home or abroad. Moreover, we have a large mosque in Turkey named “al-Turkistan Mosque”. We offer scholarships for a number of students. The association does not have any financial resources and depends on donations. For this and other reasons, over the past years we took to collecting the skins of sacrificial animals and spending [the proceeds] on the matters mentioned above. However, we have not done so this year because some people said that collecting the skins for the association is not permissible – even when it is to benefit a mosque or something else.

We request a clarification as soon as possible to avoid straying from the straight path.



The majority of scholars maintain that it is impermissible for the person performing the sacrifice to sell part of the animal to benefit from its proceeds. However, it is permissible if the person who is sacrificing the animal gives the skin or part of the sacrifice as charity for the above mentioned purposes, and they are then sold and the proceeds spent for those purposes.

And God knows best.

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