What is the ruling for using enemas...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

What is the ruling for using enemas when fasting?


What is the ruling for using enemas when fasting?


The majority of scholars have maintained that enemas invalidate fasting if administered deliberately and by choice because they carry the injected liquids to a body cavity through a body orifice. The Malikis, in one of their opinions, that enemas are permissible and they do not break the fast and this is likewise one opinion of the Shafi'is. In another opinion, the Malikis stated that the use of enemas during fasting is disliked and it is recommended to make up the fast.
Based on the above, whoever has to use an enema or the like while fasting and cannot delay its administration till after breaking his fast, may follow the Maliki opinion maintaining permissibility; his fast will be valid and is not required to make up the fast although it is preferable to make it up to remove himself from opinion of the majority of scholars who maintain its impermissibility.

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