Cursing God and religion: a rising...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Cursing God and religion: a rising phenomenon worth handling?


Cursing God and religion: a rising phenomenon worth handling?


Glorifying Allah, The Almighty, is the basis of Islamic Aqida(creed), and the most incumbent act upon a Muslim. Whereas, cursing Allah and religion is a hideous crime condemned by all Muslims since it annuls the reward due on acts of worship and expels a Muslim from the faith whether he/she does this jokingly, or seriously, or mockingly because Allah says: “And if you question them, assuredly they will say, ‘We were only engaging [in idle talk] and jesting’, Say: ‘Were you then mocking God, and His signs, and His Messenger? Make no excuses. You have disbelieved after believing”{Al-Tawbah/65-66}.

And whoever does so must instantly ask for Allah`s forgiveness, repent and return to Islam by uttering the Shahaadatayn (testimony of faith). We kindly advise such a person to fear Allah and increase remembrance of Him for He says: “Verily by God’s remembrance are hearts reassured”{Ar-Rad/28}. This person must abstain from such a hideous act for good and work hard on offering righteous deeds as much as possible for Allah says: “And establish prayer at the two ends of the day, and in some watches of the night. Indeed good deeds annul misdeeds. That is a remembrance for the mindful.”{Hud/114}. This person must realize that Allah is ever forgiving and merciful to those who sincerely repent. He must also remember that Allah says in the Holy Quran:” and [those] who do not call on another god along with God, nor slay the soul which God has forbidden, except with due cause, and who do not commit fornication - for whoever does that shall meet with retribution doubled will be the chastisement for him on the Day of Resurrection and he will abide therein abased; except for him who repents, and believes, and acts righteously, for such, God will replace their evil deeds with good deeds, for God is ever Forgiving, Merciful. “{Al-Furqan/68-70}.And Allah knows best.

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