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Egypt’s Grand Mufti exchanges views on combating extremism with US Senator

Egypt’s Grand Mufti exchanges views on combating extremism with US Senator

During his meeting with US Senate delegation, Egypt’s Grand Mufti, Dr, Shawki Allam told the American Senator Bob Corker that terrorism has become a global lethal threat and it is erroneous to blame Islam alone for extremism. He added that all religions are innocent of extremism since all faiths came for the best interest of the entire humanity.

In response to the Senator’s question on the role and efforts exerted by Dar al-Ifta to encounter extremism, Dr.Allam made it clear that Dar al-Ifta, as a leading religious institution, has been working on a scholarly project to refute the extremist ideologies inside and outside Egypt. In Egypt, we work through the daily services provided to Muslims and answer their queries to raise awareness on moderate Islam. Outside Egypt, we participated in many conferences in Europe and the United States pertinent to combating extremism. We also held an international conference on Fatwa Issuance that led to establishing a global committee of scholars to monitor this process and drain the sources of extremist ideologies.

On his part, the American delegation appreciated the efforts of Dar al-Ifta in combating extremism and added that US is also concerned about the lethal danger of terrorism that works for achieving certain agendas and causes havoc in the entire world. The delegation also agreed with the Grand Mufti’s view on the need for global solidarity and cooperation to face this global threat.

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