Chapter 16 What should be said aft...

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Chapter 16 What should be said after every prayer (Salat)

Chapter 16  What should be said after every prayer (Salat)


 Mua'adh Ibn Jabal reported that Allah's messenger once grasped his hand and said: ''O Mua'adh, by Allah I truly love you!'' Mua'adh replied, ''You are as a father and mother to me, O messenger of Allah, and by Allah I truly Love you!'' He said, ''I advise you, Muadh, to be sure to say these words after every prayer (Salat): ''O Allah, help me ever to remember, praise and worship you well (Allahuma a'aini ala dhikrika w shukrika w husni ibadatik)'''.
(Related by Abu Daud, an-Nisai, ibn khuzaymah, and ibn Hibban)

Abu Hurayrah reported that Allah's messenger said: ''He who after each prayer glorifies Allah {saying 'Exalted is Allah: Subhan Allah} thirty-three times; praises Allah {saying praise be to Allah: Al-Hamdolellah} thirty-three times; and extols his greatness {Saying Allah is the most great: Allahu Akbar} thirty-three times, making ninety-nine in all; then adds, to complete the hundred, 'there is no god but Allah, he has no association, to him belongs to the whole universe and to him alone all praise is due, and he is the omnipotent who has power over all things (La Ilah illa Allah, wahdahu la sharika lahu, lahu l-mulk w lahu alhamd, wa huwa ala kulli shayin qadir) – his wrong action will be forgiven him, even if they be as {much as} the foam of the sea''.

(Related by Muslim)

Sa'ad ibn Abi Waqqas reported that the messenger of Allah used to seek refuge with these words after prayer: ''O Allah, I seek refuge with you from cowardice and miserliness; I seek refuge with you from feebleness in old age; I seek refuge with you from the trials of this world (Dunya); and I seek refuge with you from the trials of the grave (Allahuma ini audhu bika min aljubni wa l-bukhl, w au'dhu bika anuradda ila ardhali l-umr, wa au'u bika min fitnati d-dunya, wa au'dhu bika min firnati l-qabr)''.

(Related by al-Bukhari)

The mother of the believers Juwayriyyah bint al harith reported that one day the prophet left her in the morning, after salat, sitting in her place of prayer (masjid). When he returned after forenoon began, he found her still sitting there. He asked: ''Are you still in the same state in which I left you?'' ''Yes'', she replied. The prophet then said: ''After I left you, I spoke four phrases three times; if they were weighed against all that you have said today, they would outweigh it all: 'Glory and praise be to Allah, as many times as the number of his creatures and creation, as much as pleases him, as heavy in the scale as his throne, and as infinite as the ink required to record his words (Subhan Allah l-Azim wa bihamdih, addada khalqih w ridaa nafsih w zinata Arshih , w midada kalimatih)''.

(Related by Muslim)  

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