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Grand Mufti's important statements on constitutional amendments

Grand Mufti's important statements on constitutional amendments

Dr. Shawqi 'Allam, the grand Mufti of Egypt, all representatives and public figures of al-Azhar participating in the constitution committee expressed their strong reservation regarding a number of proposed amendments to the constitution. They confirmed their rejection to omitting the paragraph on consulting the Council of Senior Scholars with respect to shari'ah (Islamic law) relating issues. The grand Mufti expressed his opinion on this saying, "If we are not to refer the shari'ah relating issues to the Azhar, then who should be consulted?!"
The grand Mufti added that referring the shari'ah relating issues to the Azhar guarantees safety to the Egyptian society and closes the door before non-specialists who speak in the name of religion. This was practically proved through the experience of passing the law of Sukuk (legal instruments), though some people willed to forcefully impose it.
In addition, the grand Mufti strongly rejected the proposed amendments to article three of the constitution and the deletion of the phrase (Jews and Christians) as to replace it with the general phrase (non-Muslims). After today's discussions held by the 50 committee, the grand Mufti declared in a press release his strong reservation on such proposed amendment for it will disturb social peace, undermine the pillars of the Egyptian society and violate the public order.

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