Dar al-Iftaa praises “#NotInMyName”...

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Dar al-Iftaa praises “#NotInMyName” Canadian Islamic online-campaign against QSIS

Dar al-Iftaa praises “#NotInMyName” Canadian Islamic online-campaign against QSIS

Dar al-Iftaa wholeheartedly supports the initiative launched by the National Council of Canadian Muslims (NCCM) to state their utter condemnation and vehement denunciation of the horrific acts committed by the terrorist group QSIS (Qaida Separatists in Iraq and Syria).

“This initiative is both timely and necessary to form a united Islamic front against the barbaric acts of those who boldly and falsely claim to speak on behalf of Islam” said Dr. Ibrahim Negm, the Senior Advisor to the Grand Mufti. The Canadian initiative comes in fourth place after French, German and British Muslims have conducted similar campaigns aiming at exonerating the name of Islam from the heinous acts of terrorism which is not only abhorred by all religions but also aberrant from sound human nature and disposition.

Dar al- Iftaa also denounces the recent released video of the spokesman of QSIS who asked his supporters to kill all those who ally against their imaginary state. These and similar statements show the logical flaws and the warped mentality which reveal their sheer aberration from the natural human disposition. The Quran states clearly that killing an innocent person equates killing all humanity and saving an innocent person equates saving all humanity. Therefore their call for killing is not only abhorrent but is a smear on humanity.

These extremist ideologies are the result of a lack of an authentic Islamic education and the pursuit of mere material and personal gains along with the aim of achieving some pitiful political goals. Therefore these terrorist groups target to recruit the half-educated, weak minded and disintegrated young individuals and fill them up with a repugnant strategy of hatred and blood-shed against those who form an opposition to their miserable goals and destructive hopes of ruling, oppressing and subjugating people with terror, ruthlessness and blood shed.

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