Vienna: Dar al-Iftaa shares its uni...

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Vienna: Dar al-Iftaa shares its unique experience in combating terrorism with world leaders

Vienna: Dar al-Iftaa shares its unique experience in combating terrorism with world leaders

In the inauguration of the international conference currently held in Vienna, “United against Violence in the Name of Religion”, organized by the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue, Dr. Ibrahim Negm, the advisor to the Grand Mufti of Egypt, stated that Dar al-Iftaa is the first to confront the danger of extremism and infidelizing ideologies. Dr. Negm clarified that Dar al-Ifta undertook the responsibility to defeat terrorism and extremism by establishing an observatory that monitors infidelizing fatwas and ideologies which threat the international community. The observatory follows scholarly authentic moderate methodology to refute and logically respond to such extremist fatwas.

In his press statements, Dr. Negm confirmed that it is a must to cooperate and fight against the danger of terrorism which threats the stability of all communities worldwide, globally defame the image of Islam through portraying it as the religion of violence, extremism and terrorism. He pointed out that Egypt has taken accelerated steps toward eradicating terrorism, asserting that Egypt and Egyptians are uniquely persistent in their stance against extremism.

"Dar al-Iftaa has made good progress in this regard, acquiring great abilities and knowledge in how to deal with these infidelizing groups and ideologies", Dr. Negm commented. He concluded, 'we are keen to present to you a summary of what we have achieved. Human work is cumulative, with various civilizations contributing to it, making us all partners in civilization and in the administration of the world'.

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