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Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Egypt's Dar al-Iftaa sends a model Friday Sermon introducing the Prophet of mercy to more than 3000 Islamic Centers worldwide.

  Egypt's Dar al-Iftaa sends a model Friday Sermon introducing the Prophet of mercy to more than 3000 Islamic Centers worldwide.

In the framework of its global campaign launched in English to introduce the Prophet of mercy (peace be upon him) on the occasion of his noble birth, Egypt's Dar al-Ifta has prepared a model sermon about the Prophet and contacted the leading Islamic centers and mosques in Europe, America, Eastern Asia and South Africa to dedicate next Friday's sermon, January, 2nd,2015 to this effect.

The Dar advised the heads and Imams of the Islamic Centers to invite whatever possible number of non-Muslims to listen to the Friday sermon, distribute print outs and publish it on websites and social media sites for greater benefit.

Prepared by Dr.Ibrahim Negm, Senior Advisor to the Grand Mufti, the sermon is about the value of mercy embodied by the message of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), elucidates how his noble birth was a source of goodness, peace and mercy to the entire humanity. The sermon mentions many situations that attest to the mercy of the Prophet (pbuh) with everyone alike, even his enemies who wronged, harmed, attempted to kill him and compelled him and his companions to leave their home country and property behind.

The sermon confirms the need to studying the character of the Prophet (pbuh), which becomes mandatory to all humanity in our modern time. This is because it bears the reformation methodology in such hard disturbed times, that necessitates promoting the morals of tolerance, peace and mercy.

It strongly responds to the extremists and terrorist groups who falsely claim their attribute to Islam, describing them as offenders who commit crimes against the noble status of the Prophet. They take the Prophet's words out of its real context, and interpret it into the worst and deviant meanings, out of mere ignorance. Consequently, they defame Islam and turn it into distorted, bloody and scary religion.

"Let's fight the forces of extremism with mercy, let's stand in the face of cruelty with compassion, let's regain back our lost humanity. Let's become real Muslims who carry the message of mercy which was initiated by our beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him)”. The sermon stated.

From his part, Dr. Negm confirmed that Egypt's Dar al-Iftaa has sent the sermon to more than 3000 Islamic Centers in Europe, US, Eastern Asia and other English-speaking countries. He pointed out that this campaign represents a practical response to the anti-Islam campaigns, which witness escalation recently, the last of which was in Germany, Sweden and some European countries, in an attempt to reform the distorted image of Islam caused by the frequent violence scenes committed in the name of religion.

The campaign seeks to publish many articles in foreign languages about the noble Prophet in leading world newspapers, short videos recorded by the Grand Mufti, Dr. Shawki Allam, and a number of other prominent scholars. All of this will be translated into various languages to introduce the Prophet (pbuh) and his noble character which will be published online. Followers of the campaign can participate and interact via social media sites, Facebook and Twitter: ‪#‎paymercy4ward. These videos and articles will be published through the Dar's official Facebook page in English "Dar al-Iftaa in Egypt".

You can read the entire Friday sermon by clicking here

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