Egypt's Grand Mufti publishes “Taki...

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Egypt's Grand Mufti publishes “Taking up challenge to combat extremism” in the Japan News

Egypt's Grand Mufti publishes “Taking up challenge to combat extremism” in the Japan News

In continuation of his articles published in the international newspapers and magazines, Egypt's Grand Mufti, Dr. Shawky Allam, publishes a new article in the Japanese News. In his article, Dr.Shawky pointed out many vital issues relating to the fierce existence of the terrorist groups like QSIS and others.

Form his part, the Grand Mufti made it clear that all terror groups essentially carry the same intellectual poison. This must be understood in order to build a better future that can bring an end to this grave situation that is destroying the world.

With respect to citations from the legal texts, Dr. Shawky commented that this invocation of sacred texts by those terrorists has led to much confusion and the tendency to misinterpret the lofty Islamic ideals by linking it to violence and aggression. What the terrorists often cite is a hallucination that their sick minds produce which is in fact a flagrant misreading of both the letter and spirit of the Islamic tradition, and an aberration from the great history of Islamic civilization.
As for Egypt's combating terrorism, the article pointed out that Egypt is in dire need of support of the world, as it is fighting against the cancer of terrorism. By fighting this battle, Egypt is not just defending itself but is also defending humanity against the encroaching danger of extremism.

In conclusion, the Grand Mufti called upon the entire world to take up this challenge of seriously and collectively ridding the world of the plague of radicalization.

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