QSIS seeks to recruit more combatan...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

QSIS seeks to recruit more combatants and destabilize the Arab states

QSIS seeks to recruit more combatants and destabilize the Arab states

The observatory at Egypt's Dar al-Ifta' for monitoring infidelizing [takfiri] and extremist fatwas has observed QSIS distributing a booklet to the citizens of Mosul declaring all Arab states, save Iraq and Syria, ‘non-Muslim countries’. The booklet obligates all Muslims to migrate and join ‘the land of the Caliphate’ considering it the destination of migration and jihad.

The observatory confirmed that the ‘booklet’ comes within the framework of QSIS’ campaigns to recruit more combatants, attempting to appease citizens and guarantee their loyalty in the regions they control, sow discord and destabilize Arab states. Their aim is to destroy existing states and replace them with infidelizing groups and movements which spread mischief in the land. The observatory noted that infidelization unequivocally results in division and conflict, not only among the people of one nation, but also among nations and civilizations. This is a danger that conduces to the justification of killing, which is strongly prohibited in the Shari'ah [Islamic law].

Islam inhibits extremism, infidelization and prevents Muslims from treading this pernicious heinous path. For this reason, all the evidences of the Shari'ah collectively attest to the obligation of exercising caution as per the words of God the Almighty, "And do not say to one who gives you [a greeting of] peace "You are not a believer" (4: 94). The Messenger of God (peace and blessings be upon him) said, "Whoever calls a fellow Muslim a disbeliever (kafir), or 'enemy of God' when he is not, the accusation rebounds on him." The Prophet's words are a strong warning against accusing Muslims of disbelief.

In another prophetic tradition, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) mentioned that a man from the people of Israel passed by his companion who was committing a sin and told him, "By God! God will never forgive you." At this, God the Almighty said, "Who dares to falsely claim that I will never forgive such-and-such? Verily, I have forgiven him and nullified your own [good] deeds." The narrator said that the word ‘nullified’ means that the accuser has forfeited his own good deeds and the rewards of the Hereafter.

The above mentioned traditions attest to the gravity of infidelization. In the same context, the Hanafi scholar Ibn Abu al-Ezz said, "It is one of the greatest offences to judge that God will not forgive or have mercy on a certain person and that hellfire will be his eternal abode."
QSIS claim that the regions under their control are considered the land of the Caliphate and center of jihad; this is nothing but fraud and delusion. They do not set foot anywhere without spreading mischief, killing and displacing residents. Their crimes against Muslims is much greater than those committed by non-Muslims against Muslims. By their so-called jihad, they do not defend Muslims against their enemies, but rather incur the enmity of nations against Muslims and their actions contribute to weakening the Muslim community.

The fatwa monitoring observatory explained that the terrorist and destructive crimes committed by QSIS against Muslims worldwide, is nothing but an excuse to interfere in the internal affairs of the Arab and Muslim countries, control them, exploit and plunder their resources under the pretext of countering terrorism, preserving economic interests or liberating people.

The observatory remarked that QSIS has surpassed other organizations in terms of scale of infidelization which extends to include entire countries and nations. This is considered a fabrication against God’s judgment. Their eagerness to infidelize others betrays superficial knowledge, lack of understanding, sick hearts and an erroneous methodology in seeking and acquiring knowledge. It destroys the noble objectives of the Shari’ah and their sublime significance. Scholars, past and present, have unanimously agreed that they center on securing and optimizing interests and warding off harm.

In conclusion, the fatwa observatory at Dar al-Ifta warned against responding or giving heed to these false claims, stressing that whoever helps this terrorist group to achieve their goals exposes Muslims to evil and harm. Not only this, but it will also open the door for them to extend their grip on Muslim countries, weaken Muslims and demolish their countries and societies and this is one of the greatest crimes.

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