Egypt’s Grand Mufti delivers an imp...

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Egypt’s Grand Mufti delivers an important lecture in Leiden University

Egypt’s Grand Mufti delivers an important lecture in Leiden University

During his lecture in Leiden University, the Grand Mufti of Egypt told the students that moderate and tolerant Islam seeks to achieve communal stability. It is not the Islam of the Khawarej, extremists or the Islam of QSIS or the Nusra group. He said that the day will come when true Islam will be leading and people will rally around moderate scholars but this will only occur after the truth of these sectarian extremist groups is revealed. He added that all divine religions consider the preservation of human life as one of its highest values.

Dr. Allam stressed that killing and terrorism could never be the result of a proper understanding of any religion. He added that Egypt is the heart of the Arab world and that protecting the Arab national security is not a choice but the most important obligation at present. And renewing the religious discourse means to take from the authentic resources of Islamic legislation what is applicable to each period of time and benefits people. Dr. Allam emphasized that the international community must give due care to education and scientific research as they are considered essential in building the community. He concluded by saying that Islam encourages knowledge which was the tool used by our predecessors to use universal laws to establish their community.

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