What does it mean that whoever know...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

What does it mean that whoever knows God will need no one else?


eir Lord will not be concerned with other than Him?”


The meaning of the saying, “Whoever knows their Lord will not be concerned with other than Him,” is that whoever knows the Majesty, Might, and Perfection of God Most High will not find anything better than Him with which to concern themselves. As long as man is distracted and moves away from God, they will feel isolated and alone until they return to being concerned with the intimacy of their Lord, for that is true intimacy.

This is accomplished through doing a lot of remembrance of Him. As the proverb says “He who tastes, knows, and he who knows, takes great draughts”. So the one who has tasted the sweetness of intimacy with God will not find pleasure with another, and whoever remembers Him constantly will attain intimacy with Him, so that even if they are outwardly concerned with other than Him, their hearts are always attached to God.

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