“The role of spiritual values in co...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

“The role of spiritual values in combating radicalism and terrorism”

“The role of spiritual values in combating radicalism and terrorism”

Dr, Shawqi Allam, the Grand Mufti of Egypt said in his speech at the conference held in India: “Today, the entire world is experiencing a true spiritual and moral crisis that is about to lead us once more to the evils of war and destruction”.

To all of those extremist groups and terrorists, we say you have gone astray. You contradicted the teachings of the Qur`an and deviated from the Prophet’s guidance. You reaped nothing save what is detrimental to Islam. You tarnished the true Islamic beliefs in the eyes of non-Muslims. You are nothing but a source of distress and suffering for the people!

The Grand Mufti of Egypt emphasized that Islamic Sufism and its values encourage tolerance and social relations and establish rapport and good communication between the people. They act as a shield against the rigidity of extremists and their propensity to isolate themselves from other segments of the society.  Equally important, they foster new awareness in youth that will protect them from gravitating toward extremism.
He concluded by saying that, he would like to emphasize two matters. First, Sufism is tied to the station of ihsan as is evinced from the hadith of Jibril that is universally accepted by the entire Muslim community. Second, instilling the concepts of true Sufism is indeed the first step in the effort to defeat terrorist ideology that operates under the guise of Islam.

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