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The head of Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union: We heavily rely on fatawa by Dar al-ifta’ because of its authenticity

The head of Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union: We heavily rely on fatawa by Dar al-ifta’ because of its authenticity

Dr. Muhammad Wessam Khidr-head of written fatwa department at Dar al-ifta’- received sheikh/ Abdullah Sa’id al-kurdy-head of Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union -accompanied by a delegation at his office for discussing means of cooperation between Dar al-ifta’ and the Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union.

In the beginning, Dr. Muhammad Wessam welcomed the Kurdish delegation and emphasized the depth of Egyptian-Kurdish historical, academic and cultural relations. It resulted in bringing out great leaders and scholars i.e. the commander Salah al-Dien al-Ayoubi, the scholar Ibn al-Salah and the poet Ahmad Shawqy where Egypt acted as fertile land for their talents and knowledge until they became afterwards leaders of civilization.

Sheikh Abdullah Sa’id al-Kudry-head of Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union- expressed his happiness for visiting Dar al-ifta’ al-Missriyah. He emphasized the importance of spreading moderation and moderate fatwas issued by Dar al-ifta’ because they are widely accepted in both Egyptian and the Islamic society in general.
He added: “In Kurdistan, we rely too much on fatawa issued by Dar al-ifta’ al-Missriyah because of their moderation, comprehensiveness, suitability for practical implementation and their dependence on the fiqh of objectives of shari’a. We don’t consider Dar al-ifta’ as only an Egyptian authority but it is considered a reference for us in Kurdistan.”

Sheikh al-Kurdy wished the continuity of cooperation between Dar al-ifta’ al-Missriyah and Scholars of Kurdistan during the leadership of Dr. Shawqy Allam as it was during the former mufti Dr. Ali Goma. This is because the region is currently witnessing a moderate Islamic revival confronting extremism. He added: “We welcome any suggestion from Dar al-ifta’ for promoting the true essence of Islam Kurdistan because we endeavor to raise generations on love, forgiveness and the moderate Azhari approach because of the diversity of trends and multiplicity.

Dr. Muhammad Wessam Khidr said: “At Dar al-ifta’ al-Missriyah, we are pleased with the visit of the Kurdish scholars. Furthermore, we endeavor to extend bonds of knowledge and brotherhood between us to promote the moderate Azhari approach which is adopted by Dar al-ifta’ and calls for moderation, coexistence and strives against strictness and extremism.

He added: ”We are proud that the noble Azhar and Dar al-ifta’ have representatives in Kurdistan spreading moderation and preserving the Kurdish identity along with the religious identity in a marvelous harmony and unique experience to which Kurdistan overpassed other nations.

The meeting was attended by sheikh\ Khaled Umran-fatwa trustee-Mr. Muhammmad Fayed-head of the department of publication-who offered the delegation a complete series from the Dar’s magazine, the Encyclopedia of Islamic fatawa and other publications.

At the end of the meeting, the head of Kurdistan Islamic Scholars Union presented a souvenir from the union to his eminence the grand mufti of Egypt for holding the position as grand mufti of Egypt.

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