The Miracle of the Quran

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

The Miracle of the Quran

The Miracle of the Quran

God the Almighty revealed the holy Qur`an to his chosen Prophet Muhammad [peace and blessings be upon him] out of mercy and as a guidance for humankind.

The holy Qur`an involves guiding teachings which serve as a blue print on how to deal with human beings and the whole universe in a gentle and civilized manner. Qur`an also calls us to seek knowledge and reject aggression and terrorism. All these components prove the uniqueness of this manuscript which nothing like it has been witnessed since the beginning of time.

The Exalted is He protected the Qur`an from any distortion or alteration. Muslims believed in preserving the Qur`an completely since the first time it was revealed. They preserved its letters, vocabulary, pronunciation and the arrangement of its verses and chapters. They have exerted tremendous efforts to render these beliefs into action, and they have always felt that God Almighty supports them in preserving this divine revelation. God Almighty says:

We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption)}. {Qur`an 15: 9}

God Almighty promised guarding the Qur`an, therefore it is kept safe from any distortion or corruption. One of the methods of preserving Qur`an is that God has facilitated preserving it both by heart and in writing. Since the dawn of Islam, Muslims memorized Qur`an by heart and documented it. When `Uthman Ibn `Afan-may God be pleased with him-compiled the Mushaf [a copy of Qur`an] he would not dare to add or remove a single letter as some mistaken people claim. Furthermore, he used to ask the presence of two upright companions when recording any of the verses of Qur`an. This etiquette has been followed successively one generation after the other and up until the Day of Resurrection. The Exalted is He says:

Nay, here are Signs self-evident in the hearts of those endowed with knowledge: and none but the unjust reject Our Signs. {Qur`an 29: 49}

Al-Hassan stated: "This community (Muslims) was gifted with the ability to memorize and those who came before it were used only to read their books and if they closed them, they would not remember a single word save the Prophets among them." This is because Qur`an is preserved by hearts, made easy for remembrance and mesmerizing the hearts of the believers.

Preserving the holy Qur`an is a divine miracle created by God Almighty and is characterized when we find a 5 year old child memorizing the Qur`an by heart. When did they accomplish to memorize this huge amount of verses? As if they were already born memorizing the Qur`an.
Muslims' success in preserving the holy Qur`an through ages is considered an incontrovertible fact derived from God's preservation of it. They regarded Qur`an as the basis for their civilization, developed means of knowledge to fathom its meanings and diversified in recording it with the most elegant and skillful handwritings.
Muslims lived with and by the Qur`an, and founded their civilization on memorizing their book which is considered both their point of departure and return. Therefore, we find them enriching and preserving the Arabic language for the sake of guarding the divine Quranic script.
God Almighty promised to preserve Qur`an and it wasn't possible for our master Muhammad [peace and blessings be upon him] or anyone alone coming after to fulfill this promise. Rather, the contemporary reality we live in proves the fulfillment of that promise and the inimitability increases one day after the other. Qur`an wasn't kept away from people and it wasn't limited to a specific progeny or certain category.
Moreover, those memorized the holy Qur`an were monitored by the whole community throughout the time. Thousands of children have memorized Qur`an everywhere and the inimitability increases more when the non-Arabic speakers succeeded in memorizing it.

The holy Qur`an has always been the subject of frequent unsuccessful attempts of distortion and ill intentioned interpretations but it remained steadfast and was never affected. They tried to issue distorted versions of the Qur`an but it survived those vicious attempts which proved throughout the time the elevated preserved status of the Quran.

Despite the sense of hostility which accompanied these allegations and offenses, they served as a reason for Muslims to hold fast to the Qur`an, calling for the way of God with wisdom and good manners.

Even with the harshest campaigns against Islam, we find the number of Muslims increasing one day after the other.

Qur`an has spread in peaceful manners since its essence gently touches the heart and intellectually communicates with the mind and enlightens one's vision.


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