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Dar al- Iftaa participates in a conference on Sufism as a source for human security in Chechnya

Dar al- Iftaa participates in a conference on Sufism as a source for human security in Chechnya

Dr. Shawky Allam-the Grand Mufti of Egypt- headed to the Republic of Chechnya to participate in the conference “Sufism: a source for human security and national stability”. The conference is held under the auspices of Ramazan Qadyrov -the President of the Republic of Chechnya.

Before departing to Chechnya, the Grand Mufti stated that this participation comes in a difficult time in which the world witnesses the spread of both terrorism and extremism. He emphasized that holding the conference in Chechnya under the auspices of the Chechen president promotes the unity of Muslims all over the world.

He further emphasized that Sufism in essence is the spiritual and moral manifestation of Islam and is the path to piety, self-purification and moral transcendence.

The Grand Mufti will deliver a speech through which he will emphasize that the real Sufism is regarded as the moral and spiritual manifestation of Islam. Furthermore, it is the way towards piety, moral perfection and shunning internal evils.

In his speech, Dr. Allam will emphasize that acts of worship and transactions in Islam are based on moral values. He will further highlight the necessity of fulfilling international obligations and commitments accepted by Muslim countries. And the prohibition of betraying the non-Muslim who enters Muslim lands on peaceful terms.

The Grand Mufti added that Islam set moral guidelines and specific rules for engaging in warfare. Although war is an old phenomenon that existed since the dawn of history, rules, regulations and a blueprint for moral conduct at times of war were never set until the time of Islam. These moral guidelines prove the merciful nature of Islam which guarantees freedom of belief, prohibition of compulsion in religion and banning the killing of non-combatants along with women and children.

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