Dar Al-Iftaa conducted a successful...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Dar Al-Iftaa conducted a successful tour in western Africa to counter terrorism

Dar Al-Iftaa conducted a successful tour in western Africa to counter terrorism

The delegation of scholars from Dar Al-Iftaa has returned after visiting Nigeria and Senegal. The visit attracted a great deal of interest from the officials there.

In Nigeria, the delegation met with the Nigerian Minister of Foreign Affairs, specialists on religious extremism and inter-religious dialogue, high-level officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the governor of Kaduna State, the senior Islamic advisor to the Nigerian president and the grand mufti of Nigeria. The delegation held two seminars on moderation, fighting extremism, and citizenship at the national mosque in Abuja and in Kaduna State. The seminars were attended by a number of Muslim and Christian leaders.

In Senegal, the delegation met with the Advisor of Religious Affairs to the President of Senegal and discussed the means of religious cooperation between the two countries and fighting extremist ideas.

In a scholarly seminar held in cooperation with the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs at Dakar Islamic Institute, members of the delegation delivered a lecture on “The Tolerance of Islam.” They held another seminar in which a number of academics and students from Dakar Islamic Institute participated.
The delegation was invited to make a number of media interviews among which was an interview with Senegal’s national radio station, Le Soleil newspaper and Walfadjri TV.

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