Dar al-Iftaa to JIJI Press: The wor...

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Dar al-Iftaa to JIJI Press: The world should unite under the UN to combat extremism

Dar al-Iftaa to JIJI Press: The world should unite under the UN to combat extremism

As part of Egypt’s Dar Al-Iftaa continuing strategy to reach out to the international media to clarify the true image of Islam and its tolerant teachings, Dr. Ibrahim Negm, Advisor to the Grand Mufti of Egypt, said that QSIS is making enemies worldwide with every second. He explained that the world’s revulsion at the terrorist actions of QSIS must be translated into on-the-ground procedures that allow for the intellectual and security elimination of the organization that has proved to the world, without a shadow of doubt, its desire for bloodshed and contempt for human dignity.

In an interview with JIJI Press, Dr. Negm said that Dar Al-Iftaa Al-Misriyyah was among the first institutions to denounce the beheading of the two Japanese hostages. He said that the fatwa monitoring observatory at Dar Al-Iftaa has issued a detailed report refuting the alleged permissibility of beheading hostages and captives.
He added that such grave and pernicious terrorist acts are the result of the infidelizing ideology adopted by criminal and terrorist groups and that Dar Al-Iftaa has taken upon itself to expose the ideological make-up of these organizations by deconstructing and refuting their radical ideology in ten languages.
Dr. Negm said that for Muslims and humanity, security is a basic component of life and that Islam forbids terrorization and oppression, as well as acts of aggression against the property of others. He added that the world must move beyond issuing ineffective condemnations and organize an international effective intervention under the supervision of the United Nations.

Dr. Negm pointed out that the world needs to be honest with itself and show the real reason behind the existence of QSIS and other terrorist organizations such as Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis (Supporters of Jerusalem) and the self-proclaimed Army of Islam, adding that terrorism will never be eliminated without immediate and just solutions to the Middle East’s problems foremost among which is the issue of Palestine.
He added that all world countries should seriously heed President Abdel Fatah Al-Sisi’s warnings about the danger of terrorism because no country is immune to these dangers.

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