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The Grand Mufti makes the headline of the famous “La Libre” newspaper in Belgium

 The Grand Mufti makes the headline of the famous “La Libre” newspaper in Belgium

In a precedent the Belgium "La Libre", issued in French and is considered the most widely spread newspaper in EU's Capital, nominates the Grand Mufti of Egypt, Dr. Shawki Allam, the person of its Saturday-Sunday issue.

"The reason for choosing the Grand Mufti of Egypt the person of Saturday issue relates to his prominent role in issuing fatwas (Religious Edits) that serve Muslims inside and outside Egypt. A matter which gives his legal capacity a timeless privilege", the newspaper mentioned in its last Saturday issue, in Brussels.

The most widely spread newspaper in Belgium published an article by the Grand Mufti of Egypt in French titled: "What is at stake between the Muslim world and the West?" In his article, the mufti pointed out many issues including women rights, freedom of expression, the dialogue between Islam and the west, combating terrorism and extremism and the role played by Dar al-Ifta in promoting the sound moderate thinking among Muslims in various languages.

"The murder of innocent civilians is a crime against humanity and a grave sin in the sight of God and is punishable in this life and the next", the Grand Mufti confirmed in his article.

He also asserted the importance of reinforcing the common principles that the Muslim world and the west share: "we must also accept the reality of differences that exist in the values between Islam and the west", clarifying that respect for our differences is a foundation for coexistence, and never for conflict.

"I believe practical steps are needed to turn these good wishes into a sustained relationship of mutual trust and respect." The Grand Mufti commented. Firstly, authoritative Muslim clerics must be recognized as the ones who speak for Islam. Secondly, it is a necessity that our dialogue be multifaceted in its approach. Beyond the immediate call to turn a new chapter and improve relations, there is a dire need to make our dialogue vast and multifaceted to include scientific, cultural, economic, and technological discourses.

Thirdly, balanced foreign policy should be the basis for improved relations. There should be a concerted effort on both sides to approach each other with open hearts intent on trying to clarify matters, and not to attack each other for this detracts from the purpose of dialogue and mutual understanding.

"The responsibility of an improved relationship between the Muslim world and the West falls on both sides, the Grand Mufti concluded.

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