Dar al- Iftaa publishes a new book ...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

Dar al- Iftaa publishes a new book to counteract QSIS extremist ideology

Dar al- Iftaa publishes a new book to counteract QSIS extremist ideology

In a new move to counteract the extremist ideology adopted by terrorist groups and in an attempt to clarify the true teachings of Islam to the West, Dar al- Iftaa published a new book in English titled "The Ideological Battlefield: Egypt's Dar al- Iftaa combats radicalization". This book aims at deconstructing the erroneous thinking methodology of QSIS terrorist group among other affiliated groups. The book includes a series of articles, research papers and fatwas which clarify the true meaning of Jihad, its rulings of engagement, conditions for launching, etiquettes of war and manual for treating war captives.

The book also contains a true definition of the concept of the "Islamic Caliphate" and the meaning of applying the Shari'ah in our modern world. The book paid special attention to clarifying the proper exegesis of the Quranic verses along with the Prophetic traditions which tackle the issue of jihad and engaging into wars. Women's rights along with the rights of the non- Muslim minorities took a good portion of the book to counteract the heinous acts of enslaving women and the random shooting spree of both Muslims and non- Muslims by the bloodthirsty terrorist groups.
Dr. Ibrahim Negm, the Senior Advisor to the Grand Mufti stated that the book aimed at analyzing the sickening mentality and the crooked thinking which is the driving force for their atrocious acts of terrorism.

Dar al- Iftaa takes upon its shoulder the task of counteracting this horrendous wave of terrorism and the plague of extremism which is seen as the malady of our time. Dar al- Iftaa calls upon both the international and the local media to rise up to their moral responsibility through publishing only the true teachings of Islam and to invite only authentic Islamic scholars to clarify the image of Islam instead of giving room to half-educated, self-claimed personnel who are unqualified to speak about the Islamic faith. It is also important to mention that the international media needs to exert more effort to counteract the plague of terrorism through calling these terrorists with their real affiliation which is "Qaida Separatists in Iraq and Syria" and not the "Islamic State" as these groups are totally aberrant from the teachings of Islam both in letter and spirit.

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