The Grand Mufti of Egypt warns agai...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

The Grand Mufti of Egypt warns against the dangers of religious extremism during his visit to Singapore

The Grand Mufti of Egypt warns against the dangers of religious extremism during his visit to Singapore

In the framework of implementing Egypt's Dar al-Ifta strategy announced earlier this year, Dr. Shawky Allam, Egypt's Grand Mufti, starts an official visit to the republic of Singapore. During his visit, Dr. Allam is to meet the president of Singapore, prime minister, six ministers, top religious and political leaders and a number of media figures.

The Grand Mufti is to convey a number of messages to the officials in Singapore about the positive developments being witnessed in Egypt, under the current Egyptian leadership that keens to maintain positive openness to the world. Also, Egypt, people and government, welcome fruitful cooperation and experience exchange which achieve peoples' interests and ensure stability.

The visit includes discussions on a number of vital issues, the top of which is enhancing the religious bilateral relations, reforming the image of Islam in the midst of the current waves of distortion and defamation to the religion and the Prophet of mercy (peace be upon him). This is in addition to clarifying the truth about the criminal acts committed by the terrorist groups that deep-root the deformed images about Islam and Muslims.

From among the most important issues handled in this visit is engaging in dialogue and coexistence with people of other faiths in order to root peace concepts in the community, without which hatred and hostility would prevail among people. In addition to conducting some lectures at the universities and meeting the Muslim community to know their needs and provide all necessary scholarly and jurisprudential support which serves in clarifying the bright face of Islam.

From his part, Dr. Ibrahim Negm, Senior Advisor to the Grand Mufti, declared that the officials in Singapore are paying great attention to the Mufti's first visit to Eastern Asia, reflected in arranging high-level meetings with him during the visit.

Dr. Negm added that it is expected to sign a number of memorandums of understanding between Egypt's Dar al-Ifta and religious institutions in Singapore within the frame work of the prompt efforts exerted by Dar al- Iftaa to raise sound religious awareness among Muslim communities worldwide.

Dr. Negm concluded that in 2015 Egypt's Dar al-Iftaa is going to witness a strong presence in international scholarly gatherings and intellectual meetings, inside and outside Egypt. This is aimed to introduce sound scholarly discourse through proper understanding and thorough realization of the facts of time and the objectives of the Shari'ah.

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