The Grand Mufti in Singapore, “Isla...

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The Grand Mufti in Singapore, “Islam is an international open system that never creates barriers between Muslims and others”

The Grand Mufti in Singapore, “Islam is an international open system that never creates barriers between Muslims and others”

In his meeting with Lee Hsien Loong, the Prime Minister of Singapore, in the presidential palace the Grand Mufti elucidated, Egypt is moving steadily towards finalizing the last stage of the road map through its preparations for the parliamentary elections. Egypt is further preparing for organizing the conference on supporting and developing the Egyptian economy, in Sharm al-Sheikh next March. He further stressed that Egypt has started regaining its leading role in the Arab, African and international levels.

The Grand Mufti stressed that Egypt will always remain secure by virtue of its loyal sons and the Egyptians’ unity behind their president, army and government against terrorism and radicalism. He further emphasized the importance of the currently undergoing phase in Egypt which requires an international support both politically and economically because Egypt is considered the center of stability for the entire region.

The Grand Mufti stated that terrorism has become an international phenomenon and there is no community completely immune against its crimes. He further highlighted the necessity of the entire world’s unity in confronting terrorism and that Egypt has frequently warned the entire world against this plague.

The Grand Mufti said that Dar al-Iftaa is considered an active participant in all international events as it spreads awareness through lectures, publications and sending scholarly delegations to different spots of the world for representing the true essence of Islam. Recently, Dar al- Iftaa has launched an international campaign for changing the wrong impression about Islam and for correcting the distorted image attached to it which resulted from Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks.

The Grand Mufti expressed Dar al-Iftaa’s willingness to cooperate in clarifying the image of Islam and that Dar al- Iftaa will provide Singapore with its rich experience in fatwas and its related issues.

Mr. Lee Loong, expressed his full appreciation to Egypt’s president, people and the positive motion currently undergoing Egypt as he emphasized that the entire world realizes Egypt’s regional and international importance.

The Singaporean Prime Minister praised the efforts exerted by the Egyptian president Abdul Fattah al- Sisi for promoting Egypt both domestically and internationally. He further stressed that he followed closely the call of the Egyptian president to the scholars of the noble Azhar and Dar al-Iftaa to renew the religious discourse to be compatible with the modern challenges of our contemporary world.

The Prime Minister of Singapore continued, the Egyptian-Singaporean relations will witness a great development in the coming stage with joint efforts of the two sides in all fields especially the religious relations. This is because the noble Azhar and Dar al-Iftaa represents the soft power by which we are proud and keen to increase cooperation.

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