A Danish paper publishes an article...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

A Danish paper publishes an article by the Grand Mufti of Egypt on extremism and terrorism

A Danish paper publishes an article by the Grand Mufti of Egypt on extremism and terrorism

The Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet published an article by Dr. Shawky Allam, the Grand Mufti of Egypt, in Danish. The article affirms the need to understand the factors leading to extremism and terrorism in order to eradicate the blight of terrorism and to put an end to the precarious situation that is destroying the world. The paper described the piece as a potent article written by one of the most influential religious leaders of Islamic institutions worldwide.

In the article, Dr. Allam confirms that the heinous crimes of beheading and immolating victims and persecuting women and religious minorities violate all Islamic and humanitarian norms. He stresses that God the Almighty has affirmed the sanctity of life as a universal principle and that Islam considers killing a major crime, the perpetrator of which is punished in this life and in the hereafter.

Dr. Allam describes the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) as the beacon of mercy and wisdom and a model of perfection for all Muslims, adding that radicals today distort and falsify the meanings of his traditions and actions to suit their malicious practices and pervert thinking that is antithetical to the true essence of his message.

He also stresses the importance of uniting against this horrifying fatal affliction in a fair and rational manner without distorting the image of Muslims as this would compromise a future of peaceful co-existence between the members of one society.

Dr. Allam concludes the article by saying: “Today, we are in dire need for religious figures and institutions to confront those challenges and difficulties to spread the culture of Islam and co-existence. This calls for joint effort and continuous cooperation between individuals and the leaders of the various societies, cultures and faiths.

You can click on the following link to read the full article in Danish.


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