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Dar al- Ifta shares its efforts during the United Nations "Global Youth Summit” on countering violent extremism

Dar al- Ifta shares its efforts during the United Nations "Global Youth Summit” on countering violent extremism

Dr Ibrahim Negm, Senior advisor to the Grand Mufti of Egypt shared Dar al Ifta’s efforts in Countering Violent Extremism through his speech in the “Global Youth Summit” United Nations confirming that the deadly comeback of violent extremism makes it incumbent upon the international community to unite against this renewed and growing surge under the guise of religion.

Also non-specialists who lack the requisite religious knowledge and qualifications have set themselves up as religious authorities and references, setting the stage for the growth of extremism. Extremists on their part, resort to such misguided interpretations of Islam to pursue their own agendas, seeking to wreak havoc and spread chaos in the world.

In view of this, it was imperative for Dar al-Iftaa al-Misriyyah whose primary role is to issue fatwas and provide religious guidance to Muslims based on a proper and profound understanding, the vast Islamic legal tradition and the prevailing context, to address the global threats of extremism.

Towards this aim, Dar al-Ifta has taken up the responsibility of deconstructing the intellectual flaws of terrorists through various forms. Among its efforts , it has published electronic and printed books and articles and issued magazines, launched on line campaigns and attended international conferences to combat the deviant ideological flaws of extremists.

It has also established an observatory for monitoring and deconstructing extremist fatwas and issued many counter fatwas to reveal the true authentic teachings of Islam and to expose aberrant extremist ideologies.

Last but not the least, Dar al-Iftaa has taken a great initiative through the Grand Mufti's tour in Europe and his major address to the European parliament to stress the imminent threat of extremism and the necessity of a collective global effort to combat radicalization.

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