The grand Mufti of Egypt condemns R...

Egypt's Dar Al-Ifta

The grand Mufti of Egypt condemns Rafah bombings

The grand Mufti of Egypt condemns Rafah bombings

The grand Mufti of Egypt condemns the bombings in Rafah and calls for defending Sinai against the attacks of terrorists and outlaws.

Dr. Shawqi 'Allam, the grand Mufti of Egypt, strongly condemned the bombing attack on the military intelligence headquarters located in al-Imam district in the border town of Rafah victimizing many martyrs and innocent civilians.
The grand Mufti called for immediate action to take the entire measures and procedures that guarantee security and protection for citizens and vital buildings of the State, also to deter any aggression against Sinai by terrorists and outlaws.
In addition, the grand Mufti called upon the entire systems of the State to take all the necessary procedures to confront such serious challenges the country is facing right now. Also he called for beating with an iron fist to protect Sinai, imposing Egyptian sovereignty over it and calling everyone alike to firmly shoulder the responsibility to maintain the safety of the Egyptian lands.
The grand Mufti concluded by offering his sincere condolence to the dutiful martyr soldiers wishing speedy recovery for all the injured.
In the end of his statement, the grand Mufti implored Allah the Almighty to protect Egypt and Egyptians from explicit and implicit evils

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