A man is taking care of his mother-in-law after his wife’s death

I am an elderly woman and have no relatives to take care of me. My daughter died and her husband remarried. My daughter’s husband and his new wife are staying with me in the same house to take care of me and he treats me as if I were his own mother. Is he still a mahram to me after my daughter’s death?


A woman travelling before her `idda expires

A wife whose husband passed away was still in her `idda [waiting period] when her daughter came from Canada to take her to live with her there. The daughter was to depart four days before her mother's `idda was due to expire. Please take into account that the mother cannot travel alone and at the same time does not want to disobey the Shari'ah by traveling before her `idda expires. Moreover, she will be staying at her daughter's house for six months at least, not for recreational purposes.
What is the legal stance of this situation?


Can I mix between different legal schools to determine my menstrual period?

Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,

Respected mufti,
If I wish to follow the Shafi’i ruling on identifying and determining my period, must I also follow rulings for other legal questions from the same school? On the other hand, can I continue to follow the Maliki school on all other legal questions i.e. rulings for non-menstrual spotting, ablution, bathing etc.? I normally do not mix between schools but with regard to this issue, I really feel a need to do so.
Jazakum Allahu khayran.


Can I travel alone with no mahram?


Please answer the following queries.
1) Is there any prohibition on a woman travelling alone without a mahram?
2) Is there any special condition on the time period that a woman (without a mahram) can stay over there or the distance that she travels?
3) Is travel for woman without a mahram allowed only on a need basis?



Breastfeeding using a breast pump and its relationship to establishing non-marriageable kinship

We have taken an orphan into our home. For three months, my wife fed him on her own expressed breast milk by using a breast pump. Does this make him a brother to my daughters and does this method of nursing establish a non-marriageable kinship with them?


The worship of a woman experiencing non-menstrual bleeding

I would like a clarification of the legal ruling for istihada and whether, during this time, a woman may observe the legal obligations required of her.


Vaginal discharge exiting after assuming that the menstrual period ended

I am 27-year-old. My period usually lasts between 5-6 days but became irregular after I gave birth. After it became regular once again, I would find a reddish discharge once or twice in a single day or every other day after I assumed it has ended. This continues until the 10th-12th day of my period

My question is: What is the ruling for these days in terms of purity and conjugal relations with my husband?


Vendetta and whether the retaliation exacted for a crime committed against a woman is the same

A fight broke out between the families of Ghazala and Mekkawi. During the fight, a woman from the Ghazali family was shot by a man from the rival family and died a few days later in the hospital. Consequently, her children killed her murderer and the matter was thus settled in 1986. The questions are:

- Is the retaliation exacted for a crime committed against a woman the same as that for a man, taking into account that she is a human being like him?
- What is the stance of Islamic law if members of both families exchange shrouds?


A wife's work-related travel, without a mahram

What is the ruling of a woman traveling to attend conferences? This concerns my sister who is a professor in the faculty of medicine who will be traveling without a mahram [a male relative she cannot ever marry]. Keeping in mind that she is over forty-five years old: what is the rule and the necessary conditions for her traveling to avoid committing a sin?


A menstruating woman entering the mosque and attending and giving lessons there

Is it permissible for a menstruating woman to remain in the mosque to listen to religious lectures? Please take into account that the place where the lessons for women are held is annexed to the mosque. And is it permissible for a menstruating woman to enter the mosque to deliver religious lessons to other women?


People say that women should not leave their homes. Can I be a working mother?

Are there differences in the juristic opinions regarding the issue of women’s work outside home? The majority of people in Pakistan are against the concept of working women and believe that the woman should not leave her house.